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The office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America hereby introduces its newest version of its legal tender!


Published on 11-26-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

The office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America hereby introduces its newest version of legal tender!









So published on the 26th day of November, in the year 2016 and ready for National distribution.

Great Registry Publication: LINK


The National assembly extends “Legal Tender for debts public and private” capabilities to the Continental Dollar!


Published on 09-06-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Yes folks, you heard correctly, legal tender for debts public and private.

Lets clear some things up before people start going haywire over the Legal Tender for debts public and private act of 2016. LINK

According to HJR 192 and the public law and statute that was derived from that resolution, the wording is very specific in the resolution. LINK

The part being referred to is the last paragraph of the first page and reads into the second page of the document at the link provided above.

The resolution is very clear as to why it was written and still operates today in much the same way. Many people have mis-interpreted the resolution to a point of going to jail for a time for not paying bills and a lien is placed on private court officers because it is believed those people are breaking the law.

The resolution was written in such a way that the wording is a means to an end of the U.S. emergency thereby leaving the emergency as a voluntary condition rather then a compulsory condition.  The way in is the way out.

The United States, in Congress assembled has passed the Legal Tender for Debts Public and Private Act of 2016 with additional attributes that came from the National assembly to make sure that the act operates the way it is intended.

LINK to the act

LINK to the official assembly record.

The more disturbing piece of information that came through this emergency situation is that the people that have kept this emergency in place for so long have accomplished nothing other then establishing a long record of human rights violations.

Here are some concerns that can be resolved right away: 

1: No, the Continental Public Bank is not authorized to re-loan any promissory note to anyone else.

2: No, there is no interest on any loans in the Continental Dollar legal tender.

3: Yes, the current merchants, banks and businesses are authorized to accept the Continental Dollar Legal tender without violating Public Policy and further cannot be refused as payment for debts public or private.  Further, there will be a code in the serial number that distinguishes the Continental Dollar legal tender and the Continental Dollar lawful money. LINK

4: Yes, in the act and the official assembly record, there is an end to the perpetual emergency and full resolution that provides a clear way back to the rule of law.

The people that have been studying this fiat currency issue will see this avenue as the answer to their concerns right away, others will have to take some time to read and absorb the information provided and come to their own conclusions as to whether the solution will work for them. Please read the act and official assembly record carefully before coming to any conclusions and share with your friends and family that may be able to use this foreign disaster relief program to their benefit. 


Cease and Desist the Slander!


Published on 04-21-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

This is a quote from the Articles of Organization of the reign of the heavens society when it was formed.

“Furthermore, I will safeguard the helpless and ignorant and teach them to stand on their own. I will uphold the laws of the reign of the heavens, its trust agreement and the Articles of Organization of the reign of the heavens society, I speak these words in the name of Yahweh, not in conflict with the Sovereign of the reign of the heavens Yahushua, and before my neighbors, so that I shall have standing among all other Nations and States, the reign of the heavens society or otherwise. All these words I speak, I promise, and”

If anyone hears of any idiot claiming that we claimed the “Kingdom of Heaven” and the seat of the Most High Yahweh, please let them know that they will be receiving a slander suit against them to the tune of 750 thousand in legal tender for each count of slander. THERE IS NO ANTI-CHRIST HERE! There are good people doing some phenomenal work dedicated to the freedom of their own families, their country and fellow countrymen. 

As everyone can see that the Citizens and Nationals of the reign of the heavens fully acknowledge the Sovereign of the reign of the heavens and no one claimed Yahushua’s position or Yahweh’s position anywhere in the documents. The phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” is a misnomer created by the monarchs of Europe to condone their subjection of the people and to give the appearance that God in heaven endorses their throne and your subject status.

There is a difference between willingly following a man because you want to follow him through respect and wanting the same things and using the throne of the Most High to get people to believe that if you don’t submit that God himself will throw your eternal soul into hell to be burned in the lake of fire.

The latter claim by the Monarchs of Europe has been used to do evil against people in the name of God for centuries. Learn the difference and stop the slander that is derived from ignorance and childish fears. Further, there are a lot of very jealous people self projecting fears and superstitions and they are going to cost you a lawsuit and deprivation of liberty through economic hardship.

Further, the news outlets are doing nothing but attacking each other in a fight between the left and the right which is accomplishing nothing. Whether your news organization is alternative media or mainstream media does not matter, you are all media and attacking each other does nothing more than bring shame and disgrace to the media profession as a whole.

Slander is a heinous crime that has no place in America.  Slander is an embarrassment to our country and our countrymen.  Cease and desist on the lies and slander. It accomplishes nothing and allows a third party to reap the profits and rewards of a worn out political agenda.


Five people exiled in the State of Oregon for multiple human rights violations!


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International Public Notice

The  State of Oregon continues to have its troubles. The Human Rights Tribunal International heard a motion on the Carolyn Coyne Rousseau case. The tragedy has been going on for at least ten years with other victims as well by the same people. Delant Cory Palmerton is the victims husband and has been fighting to see his wife. The exiled that stole the power of attorney for the purpose of looting the victims estate has refused visitation from Carolyn’s own husband because he knows the facts. Further, Carolyn has been trying to write letters and get them out begging to be released from her prison but the exiled will not let her letters get past the guards. Yes, folks we are talking about a rest home for the elderly. 

The five exiled have been served and given ample time to answer to the accusations, however, Cory had every right to ask for their status to be taken for the purpose of protecting potential future victims from harm.  The exiled no longer have a country. The motion and declaration is here: LINK

The process for the Human Rights Tribunal International is fairly simple. The Human Rights Tribunal International declares as to whether or not human rights violations exist after all parties have been served. If declared, the case moves to the Treasury for damage assessment. Then the case moves to the office of the Governor for a Writ of Execution of the judgement and the damages in the form of a bill is sent to the ambassador for notice of a debt owed against the particular State where the crimes occurred. In this case it is the  State of Oregon that will have to pay for the damages. The victims receive almost all of the legal tender absent fees for the Tribunal to pay its bills. 

In the next publishing, the city of Center Hill is looking at some serious crimes against humanity because that case was heard also.


Anna Von Reitz spreading more fake news!


Published on 12-10-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Anna Von Reitz is at it again folks. She is spreading more fake news to keep her devoted followers in the dark.


Still More Bogus Claims From Keith Livingway and “The United States of America”

Today more bogus claims from Keith Livingway and “The United States of America” organization (being run out of Post Office boxes in Costa Rica) have surfaced. In addition to the counterfeit legal tender being issued by these hucksters and other outrageous acts aimed at attempted constructive fraud against us, they have issued a commercial claim alleging that birthright citizenship exists only in the District of Columbia and not the actual sovereign states. end quote

The General Post Office is not running out of Costa Rica. The General Post Office exists in two places: LINK

and here which has not been placed on Google Maps yet: LINK.  The General Post Office uses the NAC code system to free people from all political boundaries which is perfectly legitimate.  No Costa Rica!

The Government of The United States of America never claimed that birthright citizenship existed in the District of Columbia. The Government of The United States of America has claimed that birth right citizenship never existed at all because it could be human trafficking. LINK

The legal tender is not counterfeit in anyway. It has been in use by the Government of The United States of America for the last year and a half. The last version said Legal Tender on it and Anna Von Reitz goes into a total break down and panic which has been quite entertaining.


And guess what? They are actually right about that—- “birthright citizenship” equals “hereditary serfdom” — and what would the free and sovereign states of America be doing practicing hereditary serfdom?

Here’s the “trick” folks—- look up the legal definition of “citizen”. Citizenship implies obligation to serve the government, instead of having the government serve you. So if you are a “Citizen” (territorial jurisdiction) or a “citizen of the United States” (municipal jurisdiction) you are either an employee of the federal corporation (territorial Citizen) or a dependent of the federal corporation (municipal citizen) and in either case, you are subservient to the “federal government” which has never been a sovereign government in the entirety of its existence.

They are trying to deceive you into enslaving yourself, trying to make you think that you are missing out on something, that you are supposed to be a “birthright citizen”—- when you aren’t.

As proof of their crock o’ you-know-what, they offer the case of Minneapolis v. Reum. Mr. Reum, an immigrant to Minnesota, retained his European citizenship and did not undertake the steps necessary to complete becoming a Minnesotan. He merely intended to do so.

As a result he couldn’t claim state national status as a Minnesotan nor federated state citizenship in the “State of Minnesota” either one, and had to be considered a foreigner even under federal “dual citizenship” provisions.

La-dee-dah. That’s like an apple claiming to be either an orange or a kumquat and having the judge declare that it is neither. Whoopee. Minneapolis v. Reium has no bearing at all on the argument that the bogus “office of the Secretary of State” of the equally bogus organization merely calling itself “The United States of America” is trying to make.

It’s true that the sovereign nation states have no “birthright citizens”—– nobody in a free country or estate is “born” into a condition of servitude to the government.

Only those unfortunate enough to be born in the District of Columbia to parents who are not “natural born citizens” of one of the sovereign states are actually “birthright citizens”—-meaning that they are born into a condition of serfdom to the federal corporation and its directors, the members of the United States Congress, because they are otherwise “stateless”.

Instead, in the sovereign states, we are born as “natural people” on the land jurisdiction of our country, which is the state. We are born as “state nationals” of Wisconsin, California, Texas, Vermont, etc., and we are known as “Wisconsinites” and “Californians” and “Texans” and “Vermonters”….. That is our “natural estate”. we only become “citizens” of any of the states when we accept employment as a public official or public employee of one of the states, at which point we become a “Citizen of Vermont”, etc., for the duration of our service, which can include being a member of a Jural Assembly. end quote

No one is born as a state national because state nationals do not exist. U.S. states were created from a definition of a state that was in violation of the Law of Nations in 1864. LINK

There are American Nationals on the State level that take an oath or affirmation to The United States of America  which is made up of the original States and those that were formed later. Everyone can see here that it was done in the beginning and during the revolutionary war: LINK   Further, all of the claims about Floridian and the like are known as American Nationals within The United States of America within the original States of the Union.

Minneapolis v. Reium was a reference to what needed to happen to claim a Nationality on a State level. It further shows that because people have an intent to claim a nationality does not mean they have done so in reality. The rest of the rant is pure fiction in Anna’s own mind. 


The Keith Livingway version of “The United States of America” —- the business name of a defunct religious non-profit corporation formed in the middle of the Civil War and bankrupted in 1907—- and now suffering an attempted zombie-like resurrection — was never our lawful government and still isn’t. end quote

This is more fake news from Anna Von Reitz.  No one claimed a defunct non-profit corporation that went bankrupt in 1907. Not one American National has ever heard of such an entity and it is nothing more than a notion created by Anna Von Reitz.


The government owed to us, “the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States”, is not a government of serfs all serving the interests of a commercial corporation. The government owed to us serves us. Period. end quote

The United States is on Manhattan Island and is foreign to the States of the Union under the rule of private international law. It does not owe anyone in the States anything other than to offer reciprocity to avoid international incidents.  LINK


And therein lies the rub for Keith Livingway and all the other wannabe federal despots. The records concerning all of this are painfully clear and those who have been administering our property “for” us have been found extremely wanting. end quote

A National Government and a federal government are two different forms of government. The Government of The United States of America is a National Government that is formed as a republic out of a Confederacy of 1781. It has nothing to do with a federal government established by the foreign Manhattan Island doing business as the United States, a corporation doing business as a government. Anna Von Reitz is attempting to keep everyone subjected to the Manhattan Island United States which makes them subject to the King of the Netherlands. That is something that someone would do if they have sworn a blood oath to the foreign Vatican City. There are also states within States that Anna is attempting to keep people under to keep them in violation of the Law of Nations.


This organization merely calling itself “The United States of America” is based on deceptions and half-truths and the misuse and abuse of an old business name that has entered the Public Domain, so as to work a constructive fraud and serve as a means to make false claims against the people and the states. end quote

This is pure slander by Anna Von Reitz and false accusations. There was one writing where she said that the office of the Postmaster General was bought in the 1980’s at auction. It is really sounding like the woman is developing dementia. No one bought anything at an auction in the 1980’s. The story was completely made up and so is this private company story of 1907.


We don’t believe in feudalism, monarchs, or hereditary serfdom in this country, so as a result, we don’t practice “birthright citizenship”. The federal organization does because it is and has always been a British operation since Day One. It and its “federated states of states” which are nothing but local franchises of the federal corporation, have nothing to do with us and our actual political status and government. end quote

 They are under contract to provide us with certain enumerated governmental services and as a result, they exercise some of our delegated powers—–nothing more or else. end quote

The Government of The United States of America is a republic that use to be a Confederacy of 1781 under the Articles of Confederation. The process that was taken to make this happen has been properly vetted.


Wake up, America, wake up! The Brits and the French Central Bank are both trying to pull another Fast One and saddle us with their debts and leave us at the mercy of their creditors.

They are deliberately trying to “switch identities” and pretend to be us, pretending to be our government, pretending that we are their “citizens”—–subject to their whims and responsible for paying their debts.

It’s time we all said a Big, Fat —- “Hell, no!” — and said it loud enough and with enough knowledge and authority to make it stick and convince these con men that the jig is really, truly, finally up. We know what they are, who they are, what they are trying to pull off and we aren’t putting up with it anymore.end quote

This is a good spin to try to get away from the fact that Anna Von Reitz has declared a blood oath to a foreign sovereign and at the same time claiming to be on the side of the people here. Under International Law and the federal Title 8 section 1481 has clearly defined one that is foreign. Manhattan Island and the Vatican work very closely together to do exactly what Anna is describing above.

2: taking an oath, affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or its political subdivisions after the age of 18 (Sec. 349 (a) (2) INA); Source: LINK

Newspaper: LINK     No one wrote the quote from Anna Von Reitz, she wrote it herself and now she is panicking because she was banking on the fact that many people do not understand International Law and the Law of Nations.


“The United States of America” like “The New Republic” (which I call “Le Neu Republique”) and The Republic for the united States of America and the Unity States of America—– are all organizations trying to claim that they are the federal government owed to our nation states. And none of them are.

The United States of America is not associated with any of the entities mentioned in the above paragraph.

The federal government we are owed is composed of elected State Citizens (Minnesotans choosing to serve the Minnesota State and therefore at least temporarily considered a “Citizen” and servant of the Minnesota State government, for example) serving as Fiduciary Deputies in a properly seated Continental Congress representing the lawful land jurisdiction governments of the sovereign states “in congress assembled”. 

There is no Minnesota state in existence and the proper style is the State of Minnesota as written in the original constitution of the State of Minnesota. This is another example of a State within a State. 

Not a “federal government” composed of Territorial Citizens (Federal State of Minnesotans born to be serfs serving the State of Minnesota corporation) and serving as “Representatives” in a “United States Congress” — which rightfully only conducts the internal business of the governmental services corporation and whatever tasks are necessary to deliver the nineteen enumerated services we contracted to receive.

They are all nothing but fakes of one stripe or another making false claims against us and against our assets —-and at best, by implied contract for services being rendered.

It’s time to pull the plug on all this nonsense. The Brits have bungled things and lied to us and to the rest of the world about us for the last time. Ditto the French. end quote

The French and the Brits are not doing anything other than what they are told to do by the Dutch on Manhattan Island United States that are taking orders from the King of the Netherlands and the Bilderburg group. The State of Minnesota is not incorporated. The  Continental Congress of 1781 is already convened as the United States, in Congress assembled. Her paragraph is doing nothing more than creating more boogeymen in an effort to create fear. 


The government of the people, by the people, and for the people has to be organized and exerted from the bottom up, not the top down.

The actual pecking order is from the people to the township to the county and from the county to the state and then—- dead last in the pecking order—- a small portion of the power delegated to the actual state government is further delegated to the federal government. end quote

This will never happen because is has been tried for the last ten years. People won’t assemble and they won’t organize. If a group gets close to being organized someone comes in and tries to break it up and usually succeeds. However, the American Nationals have succeeded in do this bottom up structure with the Town of the reign of the heavens.  Not One heaven Anna!


According to Texas v. White the sovereign state is indicated by a small “s”—– Wisconsin state, for example. The fully empowered state government of Wisconsin is the Wisconsin State government. That’s why Madison is called the “Wisconsin State Capitol” and not the “State of Wisconsin Capitol”.

The “State of Wisconsin” is the name of a federal corporation franchise operated by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation in territorial jurisdiction of the United States of America (Minor).

The STATE OF WISCONSIN is the name of a foreign municipal corporation franchise operated by the UNITED STATES, INC., by the IMF.

And neither one of these “state of” organizations are anything but foreign corporations like Sears or GM in the business of providing governmental services to the actual states and people as subcontractors to the actual State government.

Wisconsin state > Wisconsin State > State of Wisconsin > STATE OF WISCONSIN

Sovereign jurisdiction > National jurisdiction > Territorial jurisdiction > Municipal jurisdiction.

Everyone got that? end quote

This is complete nonsense plus it is coming from someone that completely missed that one heaven and the reign of the heavens were two completely different organizations and started by two completely different people that had no relation to each other. Then writes as if what she is telling the truth and starts offering her advice. Anna will never apologize for slandering the Reign of the Heavens Society. The case referenced was argued in 1869, after the 1864 definition was written by statute to include the District of Columbia and therefore is notwithstanding. LINK   The case was intended to give legitimacy to the illegal definition of a state. 


And these things calling themselves deceptive names—- “The United States of America” and “The New Republic” and “The united States of America” and “The Unity States of America” and so on? What are they?

Nothing but foreign corporations trying to seize control of what? The foreign (British) federal government corporation and foreign (French) municipal government corporation operating the territorial and municipal jurisdictions of the United States of America (Minor).

It’s nothing but a big fight over who gets to provide the enumerated governmental services to the actual states and its a fight because we, the people, haven’t been doing our part and riding herd on how these foreign corporations are doing business “in our behalf”.

We haven’t required an accounting and proper functioning from them for generations. We have stood by and let them steal our identity via deceptively similar names fraud. We’ve let them “assume” contracts we never agreed to, charge us for services we never ordered. and bill things against our credit that we never authorized.

They’ve had a field day at our expense. Waged war for profit “in our names”. Gotten away with every kind of graft, greed, and corruption—– and blamed it all on us, because we have been asleep at the wheel, just trusting what we (wrongly) believed was our lawful government instead of a bunch of weasel-like foreign contractors merely providing governmental services under contract.

Well, people, it’s Christmas time. Wake up. Hear the bells ring.

And if anyone calls you a “birthright citizen”—- that is, accuses you of being a hereditary serf owned by the government—- shove his nose back into his eye sockets. end quote

This is all just more rantings trying to keep people divided and twisting intents. When Anna Von Reitz was being emailed by this Government back and forth, she did the same thing, constantly looking for a boogeymen and claiming to be a victim and Ra Ra, we all need to fight and murder people. “( shove his nose back into his eye sockets)”. Anna incites like a communist working for the DNC.

Folks, there is a lot of crazy things written on the internet about people with good intentions. When a Government is offering interest free, debt free tender and is accepting one to one exchange rate, Why would anyone try to demonize and stop it? In the past 30 years, people have been waiting and waiting for relief to come and it never comes. Then when it does come, people like Anna try to stop it and demonize the process. Why not just take the National tender and move on to a better life? Everyone can see based on this article and many other lies she is posting that the woman has a screw loose somewhere and a very dark agenda.

Anna Von Reitz is publicly attacking Keith Livingway, but there are many others involved with the Government of The United States of America. Keith Livingway is use to people lying about him and is use to the jealous attacks. 

So this can be offered, if you don’t want debt free interest free tender, don’t use it and sit and wait for the rest of your life for that blue sky to manifest itself. The Continental Dollar is here and now. Exchange’s are being formed and the smart folks are moving forward.

It is clear that the Government of The United States of America  lives rent free right in Anna’s head. The Government of The United States of America has attempted to move forward and let it prove its intent. However, her mission is real, quite disturbing and all fear and violence based.  

However, the Government of The United States of America is thankful to Anna Von Reitz for writing a bunch of confusing rants because it does give this Government the opportunity to set the record straight and offer more information that people may not be aware of at this time. The Government of The United States of America has not had time in the past couple of years to keep up with the mis-information. Now it does have the time and will be publishing more in the near future.  


The Continental Dollar is not a hoax! and a message to David Wilcock!


Published on 11-29-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

The Continental Dollar has been in use for about a year and a half. This has been hidden from the people on purpose because of the Global Elite and their agenda. The American Nationals have been using the Continental Dollar to pay the IMF for postage bills, various fines if needed and other types of Government bills. This version is the legal tender version that for some reason has got the establishment worried. 

Here is  another message from the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America and a new image for those folks that claim the last images were photo shopped.

                                         INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

It has come to the attention of the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America, that people [which sadly also includes nay-sayers, internet trolls, and dis-information global communist regime agents], are making assumptions based on images alone and that the Legal Tender pictured in the images published by the office of the Treasury are fake.

Claims such as “The appearance of the alleged money lacks sophistication, including straight lines and Arial font, and appears little more than a Photoshop effort that took one individual a few days to complete” are unfounded and have no merit.

Further, the survey of the Legal Tender by these unqualified individuals are not accepted or acknowledged by the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America.

The people of this great country are further being dis-informed by the claims that these are issued by the “US Treasury” or that they are backed by gold. Research folks, find one article where the Government of The United States of America has made any of these ridiculous claims and you will quickly find that no such claims have been made. What does that tell you folks? You are being spoon fed dis-information and many of you are gobbling it all up!

Wake UP! Wake UP! Wake UP! Wake UP!

Therefore, to stop the confusion about whether or not the Legal Tender is a fake, a new image is provided. You have witnessed how the agents have gone on full black ops to dis-inform and cause confusion. An action that clearly proves they are scared of all those who see the deception. It is called damage control. The way back to a country is to start with a National currency and then move towards a gold and silver backed money. That is how the colonists did it and that is how we have to do it. The constitution of the United States operates as a private company within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America and this Government. A private company cannot provide a Nationality to the people.

The office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America would like to thank those who see the benefit for all and are helping to share this information. You are awake and can see the grip of deception the global communist regime has on the people. We are happy to see that those who refuse to no longer be deceived are getting off their seat and doing their own research. It resonates with most because you have come to that conclusion by researching and putting the information together. The Continental Dollar is printed on hemp paper.


Juan Antonio Ceniceros



Message from the office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America to David Wilcock:

Mr. Wilcock:

I think your analysis was a little rushed if not, perhaps, a little sloppy.

First, you comment that “the US currency we were directed to is very clearly and obviously a complete fraud. . .”

To clarify, it is not US currency. There is a difference between US, that is, United States and United States of America and The United States of America.

The United States of America
United States of America
United States

That is three different legal entities. And, although the posted representation of the currency is of lower quality, the words “The United States of America” along the top of the currency can be clearly discerned. Also note the currency symbol is a (+) for the Continental, whereas the private religious script (FRN) that is unrecognized by any constitution (therefore creating a black market society) uses the ($) symbol.

Additionally, on that page a banner above the currency image clearly states “The legal tender of the Government of The United States of America”. Again, for clarification, it doesn’t read legal tender of “United States”.

As to your comment that the site. . .”is an example of taking an additional word and adding it on to the front of another credible URL, in this case for the USPS.”

Please review the url — the url is actually It is not usps (United States Postal Service).

I point these quick details out to you so that you may begin to understand that the Government of The United States of America exists and the currency authorized by the Government of The United States of America is the Continental Dollar.

As you know, the deceit perpetrated by the PTB runs deep — very deep. But it is not all about private religious script (Federal Reserve Notes), suppressed technology and hidden wisdom. The fraud also includes chain of title relative to the country, its founding, and its Government. As you work to find data points to uncover truths in your subject area, we have worked diligently to uncover truths in our subject area.

I realize there is much to absorb. But labeling our efforts a hoax is simply not accurate. Here are some links to help demonstrate there is legitimacy to what is being communicated.

The Government of The United States has recognized stamps: and

The political status of American Nationals, from the perspective of United States of America is a “non-citizen, non-resident alien”.

Even more can be read here:

Feel free to email me if you seek further clarifications (

Stuart Ronaldson


Message from the Treasurer for the Government of The United States of America


Published on 11-28-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Hello everyone, I am Juan Antonio Ceniceros, and hold the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America. This office is not connected in any way to the Treasurer of the United States – Rosa Gumataotao Rios, the United States, Washington D.C., or Manhattan Island.

There are some rumors starting to circulate that is obviously scaring some people. We don’t know how these rumors have started, specifically that this currency is backed by gold. The important thing to remember and notice is that the Continental Dollar has “National Currency” noted on the currency itself.

That is what is scaring the global communist regime. The “National Currency” wording has them scared and people are finally waking up. That is why these rumors and attacks have started. Also, someone has claimed that these are “fakes”. This judgment is based solely on viewing the images in the newspaper and no other investigation by these people have been made. Are you even a qualified forensics currency investigator to make these claims or are you part of that global communist regime that is trying to take what is rightfully for the people and you want to keep everyone enslaved.

The attacks keep coming, such as the “rainbow currency” as if to imply that it is associated with some rainbow organization.

Since when does the IMF declare what is real and what is not real? They are the same people enslaving everyone under their communist regime.  The term “National Currency” is a direct threat to their plans of a world government. It is going to take the people to make sure that a world government does not happen.

Further, the National currency is here now and no one knows whether or not Donald  Trump is going to go back to a national currency.

The Continental Dollar is the peoples National Currency. We have to start with National currency and legal tender, then we move towards gold and silver when the country is secure. There is too much crime in this country to trust that gold and silver will not cause attacks and murders on the streets at this point in time. At this point, the communist regime is already murdering police on a daily basis, why would anyone in their right mind put gold and silver on the streets when the communist party would steal all of it for their own self serving causes? 

The Continental Dollar “National currency” is the first step folks. One step at a time and we can all make this happen for the next generation.


Open Letter to President Elect Donald J. Trump


Published on 11-09-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Dear President-Elect Donal J. Trump:

It is with pleasure I write this congratulatory message to you on your fine achievement of winning the 2016 Presidential Election.

Your energy and diligence is commendable. Congratulations!

There is no doubt, based upon the election results, the American public determined your campaign promises to be more compelling and your character to be superior to those of your opponent’s. Initiatives you put forth such as increased border restrictions, the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership and North American Free Trade Agreement, the repeal of “Obamacare” as well as infrastructure spending and the roll-back of dictatorial and oppressive Executive Orders are not only compelling but necessary.

The Government of The United States of America looks forward to your implementation of these and other campaign promises. No doubt, the re-shaping of your company’s policies and practices to ensure human rights compliance will restore its reputation as a productive and trusted member of the international business community.

The Government of The United States of America offers its support and cooperation to you with its interest free legal tender and its financial expertise to give the United States a chance to get back on its feet and pay down its debt. The Government of The United States of America has first in time and first in right international status. We look forward to working with your administration.

Contact this office at

Again, congratulations.


office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America,

Thomas Goudey



A look at the United States Government from an outside point of view!


Published on 10-27-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Here are a few points of view to consider:

1: There are reports and proof that elections are rigged and yet people are told to go out and vote and they do vote as if it counts, and as if it is not rigged thereby expecting a different result.

2: A General is convicted of one count of mishandling top secret documents and is looking at five years in jail. A woman does the same thing and is allowed to run for President.

3: Local governments are told that driver’s licenses do not exist because there was no transfer of intangible property to create the license. Their answer is that a human rights compliant driver license is invalid.

4: Local banks are offered National currency that is legal tender. Their answer is they are afraid there will be a run on the banks because the currency they use now is so unpopular. 

5: It is pointed out to the cities that their charters are illegal, even by United Nations standards because they operate as private membership associations and not by popular elections. Yet, the general elections matter.

6: There is ample proof that the banking system is rigged against the people yet when National currency is available to them, they don’t use it. 

7: The shadow government is revealed to people that being the AAMVA and not one comment. 

8: People are shown over and over that an oath or affirmation is required to claim a Nationality and they decide to trade that most precious gift for a credit card, a bank account, and a drivers license that does not legally exist and not recognized by their revered constitution. 

9: People cheer at rallies about their rights, yet have never read their own constitution.

10: There has never been a President of the United States of America in accordance to the Constitution for the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States. Why don’t people know this, because they never read it!

11: The people believe that one man is going to fix all of their problems in four years which took 100 years to create.

12: People believe that their debt can be paid back when in fact, when attempting to pay the debt is designed to go even higher. The more you pay, the higher the debt because the greater the dishonor to your own country.

This newspaper has plenty more where these 12  points of view came from and will be publishing them periodically in the near future. 


Open letter to Donald Trump!


Published on 09-27-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Dear Mr. Trump,

The Government of The United States of America hears you!

There was one particular point you made in last nights debate that spoke volumes as to why this Government was re-built.

“You said that 20 trillion dollars has been spent and there is nothing to show for it.” “The airports look like airports in third world countries.”

When a King in a Monarch form of rule squanders his fortune, he is no longer a King.

The look on Hillary Clinton’s face when you said that they had nothing to show for the money that was spent was priceless because reality hit her right square in the face.  You said she has no money to deliver her promises which is absolutely true.

The infrastructure in the States is in shambles, the roads are horrible with potholes and sinking. The inner cities look like Syria and business opportunities are next to non-existent without having to bribe everyone on the local level.

American Nationals are business people from all walks of life. They saw the near future and decided to do something about it.

The Government of The United States of America has the Continental Dollar in lawful money and legal tender. It is pegged to the Silver Certificate.

The Continental Dollar is interest free and debt free money connected and backed by incun.1454.b5 to take care of the serious issues you spoke of last night.

The people in this country are just beginning to see and understand their predicaments and realize the gravity of their situation. They are beginning to resist their oppressors which breaths new life into the rule of freedom.

The gravity of the situation was realized by this Government way before this Government was reformed into a republic.

The Government of The United States of America had to record the 1789 constitution for the purpose of preserving it because of the foolishness of the people of not acting quicker to keep their nation in tact.

You, Mr. Trump are the first man that this Government can see as someone that would work with people regardless of political views.

You, Mr. Trump as president for citizens of the United States, does realize that regardless of religious, political, or other causes, that business and trade is the first and foremost on the agenda of the people regardless of any other claims made by them.

Through the right of self determination, the American Nationals have established a foundation to rebuild the countries infrastructure.

The Government of The United States of America is ready to partner with the U.S. to work together and combine the attributes of both to rebuild this country for the benefit of the next generation.

The Government of The United States of America agrees with your immigration policies, and have no issues with any of your political views.

You are a business man Mr. Trump, you also make hard business decisions which is necessary regardless of consequences which is needed to rebuild this country and make it great again.

The light of freedom has been preserved by this Government, but it needs men like you for the rest of the world to realize that those representatives in Washington D.C. do not represent this countries views or values that made it great. Those representatives need leadership to lead them back to reality.

This Government will be contacting the 50 Governors with similar subject matter.

Please keep in mind this Government is not about power and take over, it is about the next generation that is in desperate need of leadership and guidance so they do not fail in their quest for the light of freedom.

Feel free to contact this Government anytime or when the time is right.

Kind Regards,

office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America,

John Harold Fulks





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